CTPress March 31, 2017

Last Saturday, women from all over the Eastern Panhandle filled the sanctuary of Charles Town Presbyterian Church for a one-day conference with featured speaker Kelley Latta.

The “Awaken to your Purpose” event was over a year in the making. Last spring, the Presbyterian Women began to wonder if such an event were possible. They took their idea to the Discipleship and Family Ministries committee, who heartily endorsed the idea.

The women’s conference was no easy feat. There was a ton of advertising. Since it has been so long since we’ve done an event like this, we had to consider all possible PR points – word of mouth, social media, website, print media (newspapers and banners). Meals and snacks had to be planned. Worship had to be coordinated. It was an “all hands on deck” moment for CTPC. By the grace of God, everything went well! The women had a great day. They were encouraged and inspired, and the day served as a reminder to all of us that when we submit to God, that our church can do great things for Christ’s kingdom.

Several people should be thanked for their help. Jason Largent, Mark Stafford, and Debbie Stafford led worship in the morning; Judy Smoot led worship in the afternoon; Gary Scott, Larry Lloyd, Thane Van Zomeren, David Weil, Frank Donadio, Allen Rogers, and Doug McDonough helped all day in the kitchen and anywhere else they were needed; Roger Snook assisted me with sound.

There were some women from our church who were instrumental in helping to pull off this event. Were it not for Lazan Rogers, Diane Mayhew, Patsy White, or Marsha Dibbern, last Saturday would not have happened. It was their It was their vision and commitment that made this day of ministry possible.

It was day of blessing for the women who attended, and a great day for CTPC.


Pastor John