CTPress April 14 & 21 2017

You can’t ignore the resurrection, not really.

There are plenty of things we ignore. We ignore our doctors when they tell us to do or to stop doing things that will affect our health. We ignore warning signs from a loved when he or she is reaching out to us for help. We ignore the news (and who wouldn’t, given how volatile it has become!). We ignore that check engine light on the dashboard, hoping it will magically go away.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ cannot be ignored. But oh, how some people try. It is true that the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead must be received in faith. There is none alive who witnessed this miracle, who have seen the risen Christ in person. And we know that, barring a miracle, it is impossible for people to physically rise from the dead.

Scripture tells us, though, that Christ’s death answers the need for a sacrifice for our sins. The penalty for our sins is death. Jesus died in our place, and because his payment for our penalty is utterly perfect, death could not keep Jesus in the grave. The sacrifice of Jesus is, to quote the Puritan pastor John Owen, “The death of death.”

True, we still die a physical death. But instead of fearing the judgment of God after we die, we look forward to the heavenly inheritance that is the gift of God to us through Jesus Christ. Jesus died for us because he loves us. Jesus didn’t die for a cause, nor was he simply a martyr. He is our savior, our Lord. It is an amazing thing that God has done for us – rescuing us from sin and giving us eternal life.

I don’t know all the reasons people try and ignore the resurrection of Christ. Pride, anger, pain – these things (and many more) factor in to how one receives the good news of Christ’s resurrection. But if the Bible is right, if the Christians have found the truth and Jesus Christ is the way, then ignoring the resurrection has great cost. And even if someone prefers that God leave well enough alone, we must remember that one day we will all appear before God’s judgment. Those who have believed and embraced the resurrection of Jesus will be welcomed into the kingdom of God. A far worse fate awaits everyone else.

Don’t ignore the resurrection. Believe it, and receive the grace of God.

May the risen Christ be praised today and for all eternity!


Pastor John