CTPress May 5, 2017

Summer Study

Welcome to May!

This is the month when we unofficially kick off the summer, with the Memorial Day weekend at the end of the month. The school year will come to end, graduations will be held for college and high school students, and vacation plans will be well underway.

As you prepare for the summer, I want to invite you to try something different, if your schedule allows. This summer I will be holding a Bible Study on Wednesday mornings at 11am, beginning May 31. Summer Study will meet in the church parlor each Wednesday morning through July 19.

Rather than study a specific book, we are going to do something that may prove to be invaluable: We’re going to learn how to approach each of the different genre in scripture. With each genre, we will discuss why context and translation matter, and we will learn the nuances that affect how we understand the scriptures in each genre.

The basis for the class will be Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart’s How to Read the Bible for all It’s Worth. This book was life-changing for me, and I turn to it often. It is not required for the class, but it will greatly supplement your experience. Our schedule will be as follows:

  • May 31 – The Epistles
  • June 7 – Old Testament Narratives
  • June 14 – Acts
  • June 21 – Gospels and Parables
  • June 28 – Old Testament Law
  • July 5 – The Prophetical books
  • July 12 – Psalms and Wisdom

I hope to see you there!


Pastor John