CTPress June 16, 2017

This coming Sunday, we are celebrating Compassion Sunday.

The purpose of this mission endeavor is to educate the congregation about the needs of children in the two-thirds world, and how we can help meet those needs and share the gospel with these children.

Compassion International has been changing the lives of children for decades. Over the years, they have used television, print media, Christian concerts, and direct appeals to inform people about the needs these children face. I have fond memories from my youth when I attended Christian concerts. There was often a point where the music stopped and we watched a video about Compassion’s work. If we wanted, we could take a packet home that evening and begin sponsorship right away.

Compassion International is a Christian organization with an impeccable record. Last year, almost 83% of the funds they received went directly to releasing children from poverty. That is a fantastic statistic. You can read more about Compassion by clicking this link.

 Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

On Sunday, Allen Rogers, elder chair of the Communications and Outreach committee, will have information available. He will be showing videos and have packets with information on children available for sponsorship. If you feel so led, you can begin the process of sponsorship right away!

Over the last year, there has been frequent talk of “privilege.” When you look at the conditions these children live in – the threat of AIDS, human trafficking, civil rights abuses – you’ll realize that indeed we do live in privilege, and we should be sharing that blessing with others.

In the days ahead, please pray about supporting a child, and then join us Sunday as we help spread the word about this ministry that is changing lives all over the world!


Pastor John