CTPress June 30 – July 13, 2017

Dear Friends,

This week, I want to use my newsletter article to enlist your help. As you know, our Sunday summer schedule was changed again this year, with Sunday school at 9am, worship at 10:15am, followed by a time of fellowship. Both last year and this year, the church leadership has received feedback, and most of it has been positive. What has been very interesting for the worship and music committee is a comment they keep hearing over and over again, “Why can’t we do this schedule all year long?” The worship committee was intrigued by this feedback, and decided that it might be helpful to get a greater sense of how the congregation feels about this specific issue.

The worship and music committee decided to conduct a short survey that will be included in the worship bulletin on Sunday, July 9. There will be an insert with a brief explanation (much like the above paragraphs), and a chance for each attendee to check off one of two options: stay with the single service schedule all year long, or return to the two service schedule after Labor Day. We trust that those in attendance will vote only one time and not skew the information the committee is trying to glean from this process.

This survey is an attempt to “listen” to the congregation and find out what people want and like. It is nothing more than this. Of course, if there is overwhelming evidence of a particular preference, the session may decide to act on that information, but neither the session nor the worship committee is ready to do that yet. If you are unable to attend worship on July 9 but you wish to give your feedback, contact one of our worship elders, Patsy White or Jane Ishman.

Worship changes always yield an emotional response, whether we change the schedule, the music, the order, the carpet – people always react more strongly to anything connected to worship than they do anything else in church. This is precisely why the worship committee is seeking your input – so that if a decision is to be made, it is done so with as much information as possible.

Thank you for helping the worship and music committee with your input.


Pastor John

Does your committee, ministry, or group have an event or program coming up in the near future? Be sure to get that information in the newsletter and bulletin. Contact the church office for more information on how to make use of these effective communication tools!