CTPress August 4-17, 2017

On August 27, Charles Town Presbyterian Church will celebrate Rally Day. We are scheduling this a little earlier this year to coincide with the start of school. Our Director of Children’s Youth and Family Ministries will have more information about that as we get closer.

As part of Rally Day, we are also having a Ministry Fair. The purpose of the Ministry Fair is for every committee, group, and ministry connected with the church to “show off” what they are doing as part of their call to ministry at CTPC.

The vision for the ministry fair is to create a place where people in the church can casually learn what other people in the church are doing. And if they are interested, they can learn more and find out how to be a part of the ministry(ies) that interest them. Each committee, ministry and group has been encouraged to be as fun and creative as possible! The hope is that each group will be able to engage more people in their work, as well as give people an idea of all that the church is doing – and we are doing a lot!

Hopefully, this is not the first you are hearing about this event. If it is, by all means, contact the ministry(ies) you are part of and find out what they are doing for the ministry fair. Everyone should be doing something. Any activity that shows up on our church
calendar should have a table at the ministry fair! If they haven’t planned anything, get them together. Plan something exciting
that will entice people to be part of what you are doing. The more the merrier! The more people participating, the more people we will reach for Christ’s kingdom!

The ministry fair will also have the added bonus of serving as a fellowship event. There will be food present. So even if you are content to, “stay where you are” with regard to ministry, come to the fellowship hall that morning after worship, check out what the church is doing, and engage in some great fellowship!


Pastor John