CTPress October 6, 2017

October is here, and that means one of our most important holidays will be upon us. No, not Halloween, but rather, Reformation Day!

The Reformation was kicked into high gear on October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther nailed a list of grievances on to the door of Wittenburg Cathedral in Germany. This list came to be known as the “95 Theses,” a list of complaints Luther had about the church. He named instances of greed, immorality and corruption which compromised the witness and mission of the Church. Thus began the Reformation!

Were it not for those events in 1517, we might not even know what it means to be Presbyterian. Luther’s willingness to stand up to the leadership of the church and demand greater accountability and more fidelity to God’s Word inspired a generation of leaders like John Calvin, Jan Hus, John Wycliffe, and others. Were it not for the Reformation, we would not have seen great
advances in learning. The notion that the Word of God was for all the people of God led to more and more printing, and that made God’s Word accessible to many. The printing press – a major tool of the Reformation – has had a dramatic impact on the world ever since. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the Reformation. Thanks be to God!

This month we will give out candy, welcome trick or treaters, and maybe even have a little fun dressing up ourselves. We will also celebrate my favorite fellowship activity of the year – the fall festival (there is more about that in the newsletter). As we go through this month, don’t forget how important October 31 truly is for Christians the world round. A simple act of frustration and rebellion – a nail, a paper and a door – changed the world and brought the good news of Jesus Christ to many.

Have a Blessed Reformation Day!

Pastor John