CTPress January 5, 2018

Happy New Year!

2018 is off to a cold start, with temperatures far below seasonal averages. The cold seems to change everything. We want to be outside as little as possible, and for good reason – it doesn’t take long for the cold to do damage to any exposed skin. We hate shivering and we’d much rather curl up under a blanket and watch television. On days with subzero temperatures, “warm and comfy” is something we all strive for.

As we make our way into this winter, I want to encourage you to brave the cold and come on out to Wednesday night Bible Study, which begins on January 17, from 7:15-8:30, and will run every Wednesday (except Ash Wednesday and the Wednesday after Easter) through May 22. Bible Study meets in the parlor.

We will study the gospel of John. John’s gospel is such a wonderful part of the Bible, giving us glimpses of Jesus we don’t always see in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. I guarantee you that if you start on this journey through John, you will be blessed. I find Bible study to be one of the best ways for my faith to grow. When I read the Bible deeply, I am challenged, I am encouraged, I am taught, I am disciplined, and most importantly, I am changed. Studying the Bible never leaves me the same.

That is my hope for all of you, that you would experience that kind of deepness that can come into your faith journey through the study of the scriptures. Plus, the gospel of John is a great Bible study from which one can learn so much about Jesus!

It’s cold, it’s winter, and it’s easy to want to stay in and stay warm. Consider braving the elements and joining me for Bible Study on Wednesdays beginning January 17th. You will be blessed, and you will be changed!


Pastor John