CTPress January 26, 2018

2018 is going to be a big year for Charles Town Presbyterian Church.

Last week, the session met on Saturday for an all-day retreat. Part of the day was spent discussing a pressing need: repair of the church steeple. A couple of years ago, some people noticed that the steeple needed some work. We had one company look at the steeple – to give us an idea of what was needed regarding replacing the slate shingles, painting, and making repairs. At that time, we were presented an estimate for approximately $80,000. The session expects that we will need at least that much to complete this project.

Last week, the session decided that it is prudent to move forward. This year, we will engage in a capital campaign specifically geared toward saving the steeple. Over the next few months, we plan to secure estimates from additional contractors, map out the details of our campaign, and then later in the spring we will launch “Save the Steeple.”  Our plan is to not only engage our
congregation; we will be looking for ways to involve the community. After all, our church is part of the history and the skyline of Charles Town. This is no small undertaking. Please pray for this work. There is much to do. We will also need every member to consider how they can financially support this work. Every gift will help.

Charles Town Presbyterian Church is blessed. We have a wonderful facility that has served our congregation and our community for generations. We look forward to partnering with the congregation to ensure that this legacy continues.


Pastor John