CTPress May 11, 2018

So far, so good!

Last Sunday we publicly launched our Save the Steeple campaign. The response has been very exciting! We immediately received over $10,000 in new pledges, and over $4,000 in actual gifts. This brings our totals to approximately $61,000 in total pledges to date, and almost $30,000 in gifts received!

When you consider that pledges are not due until June 24 and the deadline for fulfilling pledges is over 18 months away, this is a phenomenal start. There is no reason to believe that we won’t meet our goal. That said, we must continue to work harder than ever. We must be diligent in prayer. As I preached last week on Nehemiah 2, when confronted with the opportunity to repair the wall of Jerusalem, Nehemiah’s first reaction was to pray. This is our first, best response, as well. Last week we started the prayer tent-card ministry, something that was a feature of our last campaign. Each month in the bulletin, a new tent card will be given to the congregation. This is meant to be used regularly for the duration of the project, and then hopefully, beyond.

We also need to consider our own financial commitment. The last large-scale building project for Charles Town Presbyterian Church was in 1960 – almost sixty years ago! The generations before us sacrificed in great ways to create a church building to be used to God’s glory and gospel ministry. Now is our time to sacrifice. To save the steeple, we will all need to give, and then give even more.

We will also need to spread the word about events like tomorrow’s Yokefellow’s Pancake Dinner (4:30-7:00pm – I hope to see you there) and the “Night in Little Italy” pasta dinner and silent auction on Saturday, June 23. We will need help securing silent auction items from local businesses, help with serving the dinner, and to help getting the word out. And of course, everyone is welcome to attend.

Most of all remember this: though the task ahead is great, God is greater. Keep the matter before God in prayer, and then, get busy!


Pastor John