CTPress June 22, 2018

This Sunday, we are going to dedicate the pledges for the Save the Steeple campaign. In May, we officially launched a capital campaign that has been in the works since January. We started this project because our steeple is in dire need of repairs. Hopefully, by now you have seen our brochure which contains several telling pictures that show the extent of the needed repairs – rotting wood, deteriorating shingles, and a clear need for fresh paint. In addition to repairing the steeple, we will be repainting the gable and columns of the front porch area. This project is estimated to cost approximately $160,000. The
“official” fundraising period is July 1, 2018- December 31, 2019.

Last week, the scaffolding started going up, and should be finished by the middle of next week. You may be wondering why we are starting the project without having all the money raised. This is for several reasons. First, this is work that can only happen in the spring and summer months. That means Summer 2018 or Summer 2019. Second, the longer we wait, the more likely
there will be greater deterioration. That means a more expensive project. The sooner we start, the more cost-effective the project will be. Third, most professional fundraisers will tell you that it is easier to generate interest and raise funds when the work has started. People like to see progress.

This is no small project. It will require sacrifice. An extra $50 or $100 here or there is not going to save the steeple. For this project to succeed, all of us must be willing to trust the Lord and give generously to this project, over and above what we usually give to the Lord’s work. We are also doing some fundraisers over the next eighteen months, but we will be fortunate if those raise even fifteen percent of the total need. We need every family that is part of our church to participate in this work. To date, we have raised over $42,000, with over $73,000 pledged. That is a fantastic start, and it bodes well for the whole

If you have not yet pledged, please do the following: First, pray. Ask God what you should give to this project over the next eighteen months. Every gift is significant, and every gift helps, remember that! Second, come to worship Sunday (10:15am) with your pledge card (if you haven’t yet turned it in). During the worship service we will commit our pledges to God and ask God to
help us to be faithful. If you cannot attend Sunday and need to turn in your pledge, please mail it to the church office.

I am looking forward to the unfolding of this campaign. It is exciting, and it is an opportunity for us to trust the Lord as he leads us.


Pastor John