CTPress April 27, 2018


It doesn’t feel like spring yet, does it? This winter has felt like the winter that just won’t end. We get a taste of spring, and then it gets cold again for days, and even weeks. Of course, in a week or two it might be in the 80’s and 90’s, and we’ll be complaining.
Spring is most notably a season of change, and the remarkable process of moving from the dead of winter to the life of spring. Brown turns to green, dead comes to life, and there are flowers every where bringing forth all kinds of color!

When Christ moves in our life, when we come to faith in him, we move from death to life, from winter to spring. In our new commitment to him, we experience Christ doing all kinds of new things in our lives. When our Lord Jesus brings such a change, he occasionally surprises us with a new and unexpected calling.

This coming Sunday, April 29, we are going to hear of an unexpected calling. A friend I have known my whole life, Michael Sander, will share briefly his calling at each worship service, and lead a combined Sunday School class for adults and older youth in the fellowship hall. Michael and his wife, Cathy, are preparing to start missionary work in Swaziland in 2019. This is a most unexpected call.

This Sunday is also Compassion Sunday. We will spend a few minutes in that combined Sunday School class talking about our experiences.  In 2017, eighteen families from our congregation “adopted” Compassion children. There will be information available about Compassion and sponsorship if you are interested.

I hope you can join us this Sunday. It promises to be an exciting day!


Pastor John