Save The Steeple

2019 UPDATE 

As stated previously, while the construction project has completed, our campaign of fundraising was to continue, but conclude this year to close in on the funding gap.

Pastor John Bethard gives his thanks to all that participated in the Panera Fundraiser in the latest CTPress newsletter.

December 2018 UPDATE 
The total cost of the steeple project was $147,800. To date, and in less than a year, we have received $110K of which $85K was pledged. The session has now committed to increase their giving by 20% and the Yokefellows have pledged an additional $2500 in 2019. With these additional pledges and the balance still come from previous pledges, our shortfall is only $8500. This is AMAZING! The session would like to thank you for your commitment and generosity. This generosity has also been shown by increased giving to our regular budget expenses and a greater participation in the life of this congregational family this year.
Well Done!

October 2018 UPDATE
The scaffolding came down and the construction has finished. We will continue fundraising and collecting pledges through the end of 2019.

Contact our office if you’d like a copy of this printed tri-fold brochure.

Our congregation has been praying on this, and we believe it’s time to make the investment to Save the Steeple and preserve it’s symbolism in our Historic City of Charles Town.  To this end, we have begun a Save The Steeple campaign.  Like our Worship services, all are welcome to participate.  Your donation is Federal tax-exempt (see the bottom of our home page for the EIN).