CTPress November 16-23, 2018

I came to faith in Christ when I was sixteen. A decade and a half of being dragged to church suddenly made sense! I started learning about my faith, reading the Scriptures, and doing all I could to grow. One of the central issues I faced, even in the early years of my faith journey, was that of calling. I wondered what God wanted me to do with my life.

After years of prayers, questions, and struggle, it became clear that God was calling me into ministry. At first, I thought that was youth ministry. I never thought that I was going to be a traditional minister with a traditional pulpit ministry. My, how things change!

When I went to seminary, it became very clear to me that contemporary Christianity has a book about everything. I resolved in my first year of seminary that I was not going to ever seek to write a book. There were people far better than I who could make greater contributions on the printed page.

This is what makes the recent release the book I’ve authored so weird for me. I never really saw myself doing this. The book came about because for almost two years, I put off a publisher who had heard my sermons online. He bugged me almost like clockwork. When I shared with some key friends what was happening, they encouraged me to at least have a conversation. And so, with great fear and trembling, I signed the publishing agreement.

My book is called “Walking with Conviction,” and it is a series of sermons, all of which I gave at CTPC in recent years. Two things convinced me to go forward with the publishing. First, I am giving the royalties away. I don’t expect there to be a windfall, but what does come will go to the steeple, and when that is paid for, I will give it to the pastor help fund, which is used to help people in acute, emergency food and shelter situations. The other piece of the decision is the publisher: Parsons Porch gives their proceeds to the poverty ministries in the community. The book is a win-win all the way around! If you are interested in obtaining a copy, feel free to stop by the church office, or ask me if you see me. The cost is $18.

Several people have told me I need to make a bigger deal about the book. Hence, I’m letting you all know how it came about. My hope for the book is that it enriches the lives of all who read it; that it would deepen or even introduce readers to a relationship with Jesus Christ. For me, that is what all of this is about, and I can think of no greater contribution than to be a small part of  helping someone else grow closer to Christ.

To him alone be the glory!

Pastor John