CTPress March 8, 2019

Mission always excites me!

At the February session meeting, the elders approved a recommendation from the mission committee to hold a mission trip August 10-17. We will be organizing a group to head to Webster Springs, WV, in Webster County. Two years ago, we sent two teams to that area – a youth trip and an adult trip. Webster County was hard hit two years ago by horrible storms that flooded the rivers very dramatically and devastated the communities of that region. Recovery work will be ongoing for years to come.

Mission is important in the life of a church. When we do mission trips, we are engaging in something unfamiliar, usually in an area of the world we aren’t normally a part of. By design, it causes us to rely on Christ. And then there is the work – serving others and helping people who would be unable to have the work done were it not for Christians heeding God’s call. It allows us an opportunity to share the love of Christ by helping others, people who are often total strangers. And most of the time, mission trips are lifechanging, not only for those who are served, but for those who are serving.

In the coming weeks, the Mission and Outreach committee will be sharing more about the upcoming trip. I want to encourage you to be in prayer about this. Perhaps the Lord is leading you to participate. That might be a scary proposition but remember – answering Christ’s call always requires faith and trust in him, and it can be challenging. Just because he calls us to something new and different doesn’t mean we should be quick to say, “No!” Even if going on the mission trip is the farthest thing from your mind, please be in prayer for those who are going and for the planning of the trip.

This is an exciting time for our church. The leaders of the church believe God is calling us to help others and go into the world. Please continue to pray for the church as we follow where Christ is leading!

Blessings, Pastor John