CTPress April 5-11, 2019

I’m exhausted.

Last weekend was an awesome time in the life of the church. The day started with a church work day. Church members began showing up at 8:00am. All told, we had about twenty people show up to help with a variety of activities. We were able to trim trees, weed the flower beds in front of the sanctuary, trim the bushes along Mildred Street, and we put down mulch.

Mulching was the largest job. We put down about twenty yards of mulch, the bulk of it going to the playground. We were also able to dress the Mildred Street beds, and many of the beds in front of and around the sanctuary. Many thanks to the property committee, led by David Weil and Gary Scott for coordinating this important work day.

After all that hard work, it was time for fun! In the evening, Marsha Dibbern and Diane Mayhew hosted a “Bible Challenge Game Night.” Using Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune formats, the two-dozen people who showed up were challenged by categories such as OT, NT, Hymns, Names, Who Said It, Who Is It, and Places. We even learned who pays attention on Sunday mornings in the “Recent Sermons” category!

We worked together and we played together. This exactly what it means to be the Church. When we are functioning well, we are able to do both of those things. As you can see from the pictures located later in the newsletter, the hard work was worth it, and it was great fun! What a blessing to be able do both work and play together!

As this Lenten season begins to wind down and our sights turn to Holy Week, I am so thankful for this congregation, and their commitment to one another and to Christ. 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting and busy time for Charles Town Presbyterian Church.

There are two things coming up in the immediate future. This Sunday, April 7, there is a mission trip informational meeting for anyone interested in the mission trip. The meeting is not mandatory, but if you are interested in participating, this is an important meeting to be part of.

Also, next Saturday, April 13, is Paint Nite, and this is going to also be a fun night that will be a combination outreach event and Save the Steeple fundraiser. Please see the additional information in the newsletter about this event.


Pastor John