CTPress June 14, 2019

Dear Church Family,

This past Thursday, we wrapped up Vacation Bible School for 2019. There have been daily posts on the CTPC Facebook page. Once again, we partnered with our sisters and brothers from St. Thomas Lutheran Church. We did something very different this time, though. We wrote our own curriculum. It was a long process which began at the end of last summer. We thought a circus theme would be a fun way to do Bible school. Then we picked some Bible stories that fit some of the things we feel and see when we go to the circus – fear, animals, trusting others, and so on.

Doing our own curriculum meant some hard work. We had to come up with everything – the Bible stories, the songs, the snacks, the schedule – everything. I am pleased to report that this was the best Vacation Bible School in years! We had so much fun, our churches worked well together, and it was a blast!!

A big reason it went well is because of the work Molly Blue put into this Vacation Bible School. She works hard every year, but when there is no “manual,” no leader book to go to when there is a question, then the leadership has to be ready to answer those questions, to be ready for contingencies. Molly wrote a great curriculum! I will be honest – I was a little nervous about writing a curriculum from scratch. The natural tendency might be to “wing it” or under prepare. I am pleased to report that my concerns are unfounded. As I just said, this was one of the best Vacation Bible Schools we’ve done in years.

When you see Molly and any of the other people who helped out in any way this past week, be sure to thank them for a job well done. Passing on our faith to our children is one of the greatest privileges we have as parents, families, and as a church. I am grateful it continues to be a high priority at CTPC.


Pastor John