CTPress June 28 – July 4, 2019

You’ve got this!

This is a phrase we’ve learned to say to others when they say or post something that sounds like they doubt something. For example, a student might post about the difficulty of an upcoming exam, an athlete may state how difficult it will be to achieve a certain level of performance, someone might say how depressed they feel and that they aren’t sure how they will make it through today.

Often, as a response, we say or type three words: You’ve got this.

On Monday I begin a three-month sabbatical. I recently shared with the elders how blessed I am and how encouraging it is to have this opportunity for extended study and rest. I am looking forward to the educational activities, family events, and the extended break I will have between July 1-October 1.

Every church that deals with any kind of pastoral transition (and a sabbatical qualifies as such an event) faces anxiety. What if something tragic happens while the pastor is gone? What if an important decision needs to be made? What if?

Since January, I have been working with the elders, deacons, and church staff to prepare for this. We have leadership teams that will do regular and emergency visitation. Worship will continue weekly under the able ministry of Pastor John Cushwa. And the usual ministries and programs of the church will carry on. And most importantly, God, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, will still be there for all of us.

You’ve got this!

I have every confidence this congregation will experience wonderful guidance from its leaders, and I am looking forward to returning to an even healthier, stronger congregation in October.

If you are not traveling and you are in the area on Sunday morning, please come to worship. Following our 9:45am service we are having a short reception before Sunday School so I can wish everyone well before my sabbatical begins.

But remember, don’ t worry! You’ve got this!


Pastor John

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