CTPress March 20, 2020

What if it’s longer that two weeks?

That seems to be the big question around Covid-19. Things seem to be changing every day, don’t they? Last Thursday, when I finished writing my newsletter article, there were only a quarter of the cases and fatalities than we have now. This virus moves quickly and somewhat “silently” – those infected carry it with them some time before symptoms emerge, and that means every person they are around during that time will be at risk of the virus. This is why schools have closed, restaurants are take-out only, and we worship virtually. I expect that we will be closed longer than two Sundays, and I say that so that we are prepared. None of us is pleased that we may be celebrating Palm Sunday and Easter far differently than we imagined. That decision has not been made yet, but I do want you to be mentally prepared if we have to make that announcement.

My highest priority, as pastor, is the spiritual welfare of the congregation. To that end, I want to make sure you know of two virtual opportunities. Every day (except Sunday), around 11:00am, I am attempting to stream a short three to five-minute Bible reading and prayer. I started that this past week, and the response has been unbelievable. I am doing that through the church Facebook page. On Sundays we worship at 10:30, and we will do so virtually (same link).

I also want to encourage you to sign up for our virtual prayer meeting. While we are facing this pandemic, we must turn to Christ. Why not sign up for times to pray throughout the weeks ahead? Please visit this page for sign up information.

And as we have noted so many times, we rely on the generosity of this congregation, and we are hopeful that we will see little, if any interruption in our giving. It’s impossible to collect the offering while maintaining social distance, but people can still give online or through the mail.

This is an historic moment for the world. We will get through this, and I am certain that as we do so, we will find Christ faithful!


Pastor John