CTPress June 12, 2020 – Virtual Worship Program for June 14th

I think we all need some good news. This article is a little bit overdue, but given the nature of recent events, I had to put it aside for a little while. And even though we face some uncertainties at the moment, a little bit of good news is welcome.

Last fall, my son Alex approached the session and asked if he could make some improvements to the playground as an Eagle Scout project. His specific project would add a weed barrier, rake out the dead growth, lay down some additional mulch, and install two benches. The session heartily agreed to this project, and Alex got to work. Over the winter, Alex put his project together, got the necessary approvals from his scout leaders, and was hoping to have the project finished by Easter. Then COVID-19 happened. The date was pushed back numerous times. Finally, in early May, Alex got the green light to begin the work. The raking, installation of the weed barrier took a day. About ten days later, the holes for the benches were dug, then concrete was mixed and poured, and a couple days later the benches were assembled and installed. Even before the benches were installed, the cleaned-up playground and new mulch made for a more inviting experience. Just days after the mulch was finished, people from the community started using the playground. It was obvious that this project was a win!

Alex had to raise money for this project. Generous persons from our congre-gation gave $1250 for the project. With the church willing to foot the bill for the mulch, if needed, the project came in right around the cost projection.

I’ve attached some photos below so you can see the result. When you get a chance, as things begin to open up, be sure to come by and have a look at the playground. I’m proud of Alex, of his troop, and of our congregation’s support for the project.

Some good news, indeed!

Blessings, Pastor John