CTPress, Worship Program, and Songs February 28, 2021

Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from an investment firm, and I was surprised to learn that woman named Mildred Bush, who was part of our church in the 1940’s and 1950’s, passed away and left Charles Town Presbyterian Church a gift of over $500,000! Mrs. Bush moved to Martinsburg after graduating high school, got married, and spent her career working for the federal government. Upon retirement, she and her husband moved back to Charles Town.
When I heard the news, I could not believe it! I immediately shared this with the elders and trustees in anticipation of the upcoming session meeting last week. I want to share with you how the church leadership is approaching this exciting news.

It is a blessing and affirmation. God promises to always provide for us, and this gift is evidence of his providence. It is an affirmation that our congregation is moving in the right direction.

It is an opportunity. The overwhelming sense of the leadership is that God is giving us the resources with which to do something significant and exciting! Anyone with thoughts or ideas related to this opportunity is welcome to share them with any of the elders.

It is a call to prayer. The elders are spending the next several weeks before the March session meeting praying about this gift because of the reasons mentioned above. The congregation is most welcome to pray for the church leadership as we consider where the Lord is leading regarding this blessing and opportunity.

It is a reminder. While this gift certainly helps the church, we all must continue to give and serve faithfully. Historically, our congregation tends to pull back our giving after receiving a large gift like this. It’s tempting to think the church has plenty of money. We must remember that stewardship is about our faithfulness to God and our relationship with him, and when God blesses his people with large gifts like this, the appropriate response is to continue in our faithfulness.

Anyone with questions is welcome to contact me or any elder; we are happy to answer your questions. All of us should give thanks and praise to God for this amazing, unexpected blessing! And above all, we must be faithful in prayer for and stewardship of the ministries to which Christ has called us.

Pastor John