CTPress August 16, 2019

Frequent celebration of the Lord’s Supper is encouraged – that we would be always learning about and becoming reacquainted with the good news about Jesus Christ.

CTPress July 12, 2019

Living for Jesus and serving him and his church is going to be hard at times … do not give up. There will be a reward!

CTPress July 5, 2019

Life is not made up of parts, life is made up of life. Let God be Lord over that life.

CTPress June 21, 2019

Saturday – Save the Steeple – Little Italy Dinner! Also, if you do not already have a regular devotional practice, I want to encourage you to consider reading the Psalms; one psalm per day

CTPress June 14, 2019

Dear Church Family, This past Thursday, we wrapped up Vacation Bible School for 2019. There have been daily posts on the CTPC Facebook page. Once again, we partnered with our sisters and brothers from St. Thomas Lutheran Church. We did something very different this time, though. We wrote our own curriculum. It was a long…