CTPress Palm Sunday: April 5, 2020

Alas, we continue in our corona-driven isolation and social distancing. I cannot ever remember a time in my life when I did not engage in Holy Week activities at church. My whole life, the time between Palm Sunday and Easter was a time for more prayer, more self-reflection, and more church. My family always attended worship on Maundy Thursday and whatever service we had on Good Friday (it was never the same year to year).

This year, the threat of the coronavirus (and executive action of our governor) prohibits us from meeting for any of the usual ways we like to celebrate Holy Week. And while this may seem like a real downer, all is not lost. We have had great response to our virtual worship broadcasts. Please be patient with us, we know there are some technical issues, and we are addressing those. This coming week, we plan to worship on Palm Sunday and then on Easter Sunday at 10:30am both mornings. On Maunday Thursday, we will post a video at 7pm. We are recording it earlier in the week and later at night so that it captures a more dramatic experience for Maundy Thursday.

Since the corona isolation began, I have been posting daily devotionals and prayer. A simple message with scripture and prayer. This week, because it is Holy Week, I want us all to be able to read and ponder the verses together. So here are my readings this week:

Our Facebook page is accessible through this link. I hope you are able to join us in the days ahead. I know this is not the kind of Holy Week and Easter we want, but it is the one we have. The gospel is still real, relevant, it is still good news. Let us, therefore, not let our current moment steer us away from that which is eternal.


Pastor John