CTPress May 29, 2020 (Virtual Worship Program attached)

Next week, we flip the calendar into June. Can you believe it?

June marks the unofficial start of summer. But already, we can see that Summer 2020, is going to be different. Many beaches and tourist destinations remain closed or have strict rules about reopening. Pools and parks all over the country have announced closures or limitations. Camps have canceled. It is going to be a vastly different summer for all of us.

But is that a bad thing? When the quarantine started, and we all stayed home, we responded to that by baking sourdough bread, making Tik Tok videos with our kids, undertaking long-ignored projects in our home, and so on. We spent more time relaxing and enjoying our families than we had in quite a while. And yes, we got stir crazy being cooped up for so long. But we also figured out ways to connect, to worship, and to just…be.

I always find seasonal changes to be great times to step back and evaluate what is happening in my life. So, as we make our way into the summer months, I want to propose a few questions to ponder:

  • What was the biggest surprise in your life during the quarantine?
  • What don’t you miss about your life before the pandemic?
  • How do you think the pandemic has changed you?
  • What do you think you will do differently now, as a result of the coronavirus?

Evaluation like this is important for one simple reason: It helps us remember our blessings. To be sure, the coronavirus has been a difficult, challenging, and frightening time. But it has been so much more than those negative things. When we look back on this one day, we will realize that though it has been hard, and there are difficult days ahead, we will be better for this.

Especially if we pause and reflect.

Pastor John