CTPress May 22, 2020

Dear Church Family,

As we head into this Memorial Day Weekend, I wanted to bring you up to date on some important matters in the life of the church.

We have no plans yet to return to worship in the sanctuary. The session is well aware that some of local churches have already been worshiping in-person for a couple weeks. Some churches have yet to return. We fall into the latter category. At the session meeting this week, the elders discussed the question at length, and decided that given the accommodations required to make worship happen while the coronavirus is a threat, plus the age of our congregation, that waiting is the best the option. Earlier this past week, the church office sent a brief survey to the congregation, and that input has been forwarded to the session. Please understand that we are desperate to worship together. We all miss each other. But wisdom dictates that we must not act too hastily in this matter. In a few weeks, the impact of the opening of restaurants, shopping, and other entities will be clear, and we will hopefully have a better idea of how to proceed. [This Sunday’s Virtual Worship Program and Music attached at the bottom.]

When the mission committee met this month, it was exciting to hear the sentiment that we need to continue to be focused outward, on helping people during this uncertain time. The committee recommended and the session approved a special offering to help Jefferson County Community Ministries. There is a related article [below] explaining this offering.

The congregation has been very generous throughout this ordeal. Friends, remember, our expenses continue. Salaries, utilities, mission support are ongoing. We have cut some expenses, but these have been outpaced by unplanned repairs. Already in 2020, we have paid over $12K in unplanned maintenance expenses. I encourage those who are able to continue in their

Time Off
I normally don’t announce my time off. I am taking next week off. Normally, I am back after few Year’s and I take off after Easter. With the COVID-19 pandemic, so much changed – worship, meetings, keeping the congregation connected – it just felt wrong to take my regular time off. It’s been 20 weeks since I took a week off. I am really tired and need a sabbath. David Weil will
preach May 31. I have already recorded and scheduled videos to post on the church Facebook page every weekday at 11am. We will stay connected! Pray that it is a relaxing, energizing time.


Pastor John

“Soul Food” Special Offering
Now more than ever our community needs our help. Volunteers are needed at Jefferson County Community Ministries. How can we help?

  1. By picking up food from Martins between 8:30 and 9:30 and delivering it to JCCM.
  2. By delivering food and medicine to homebound clients in Jefferson County.
  3. By helping in the food pantry placing donations on the shelves and filling orders.
  4. By interviewing new and repeat clients.
  5. By meeting the Mountaineer Food Truck the second Tuesday of each month and unloading food and taking it to JCCM.

Of course, monetary donations are always appreciated. The Mission and Outreach Committee is beginning a “Soul Food” campaign on June 1st through June 15th. We have set a goal of $1,250. Since most of us are not eating out why not donate [online: Presbyterian Foundation or Facebook] the money you would spend dining out to JCCM? What a wonderful way to make a difference for those in need! Make your donation out to CTPC and note in memo line “Soul Food” and the church will send one check at the end of the campaign. Let’s make this another Mission Possible!

Do not neglect to do good and share what you have,
for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.Hebrews 13:16

Charles Town Presbyterian Church PO Box 89, Charles Town, WV, 25414
Jefferson County Community Ministries 238 West Washington Street. Charles Town, WV, 25414
(304) 725-3186