CTPress: September 6, 2020 Worship Program and Music

Dear Friends,

School starts in Jefferson County next week. Like most people across the country, we are watching this carefully. If students can re-enter successfully, with little or no virus incidence, this will help shape how we do other activities while we await a vaccine for COVID-19, including church.

Training children in the faith is an important part of child’s education, and the COVID virus has made it hard for our family ministry to continue in the traditional manner. As we begin the school year, I’m happy to share a resource for parents and grandparents. The Christian curriculum company David C. Cook has free resources families can access at home.

You can access the main David C. Cook website here. If you scroll down to the box that says, “Free Resources,” you’ll find a list of helpful tools that can be used at home. I have looked through these, and I am particularly fond of Eight Lessons, which focuses on characteristics of God. Thirteen Lessons at Home focuses on thirteen different people Jesus interacted with in his ministry. I also think the family prayer resource is a great tool.

I wish I could tell you exactly when we plan to resume children’s ministry, but that would be dishonest. Until we are certain social distancing can be maintained, and that the church isn’t inadvertently a source of the virus, we need to put Sunday School on hold. We can spread out in the sanctuary, not so much in the classrooms. However, we also don’t want to ignore the fact that our children need to be trained. Long ago, before churches took on the responsibility of shaping the faith of their children, that discipleship happened at home.

These resources for which I’ve provided links can be modified in whatever way works best for your family. I encourage those who use it to make it fun and enjoyable. It would be ideal to review one lesson each week. These moments might prove to be extremely important in the lives of the children and it may create some amazing memories! And don’t worry about having all the answers. An honest, “I don’t know,” can sometimes inspire greater confidence than having the answers.

The Discipleship and Family Ministry team would appreciate hearing feedback from those who use these resources. Please share your experience via email at familyministry@ctpres.org.

Pastor John