CTPress: Virtual Worship Program and Songs September 27, 2020

This summer, I began leading the congregation through the teachings of Jesus in the gospel of Matthew. We started in Matthew 5, after the Beatitudes, because I had preached on those a little over a year ago. It’s been a fun series to preach, full of challenges and reminders, and it’s been amazingly practical.

This coming Sunday, I am going to be teaching on prayer and fasting. I am more convinced than ever we need prayer – the more the better.

Frequently in the Old Testament, when calamity struck, there was a national call to prayer. Since the first century, whenever and wherever the Church is, when there is danger or threat, there is always a compulsion to pray. Perhaps I have been out of the loop, but with everything going on in our world at the moment, there has been one thing missing: a call to prayer.
I want to encourage everyone who reads this to start today, and to specifical-ly pray for our country. I urge us to pray for the following:

  • That the people of God would seek the Lord and ask for forgiveness,
  • mercy, and grace as we seek to live for God and shine God’s light into the world.
  • For a cure and/or vaccination for the Coronavirus.
  • For a return to peaceful, uplifting discourse, publicly and privately, even when we disagree with one another.
  • That we will be able to demonstrate grace and civility in political discussions.
  • That we will be able to hold a peaceful election with a clear outcome, and a peaceful transfer of power should the people elect a new president.
  • That we can learn to love our neighbors. All of them.
  • That the Church of Jesus Christ would show the love of God to the world.

I hope that all who read this will agree to join me in prayer for our country. We are facing so much uncertainty and anxiety in 2020. In times past, these kinds of moments drove God’s people to prayer. Let’s change the world by changing how we respond to all of this, that we would seek God in prayer as our first, best response!

Yours in prayer,
Pastor John

Reminder – If you are joining us for in-person worship next Sunday, October 4, that signing up in advance is required, so that we are adequately prepared. Even if you are involved in leading worship (deacons, elders, staff, communion prep, special music, etc.), sign up is required. And in case it was not clear, sign ups must be done every week, by the end of the day Thursday prior to the Sunday you plan to worship with us.