CTPress: Digital Worship Program and Songs September 20, 2020

It is Finished!

These important words were said by Jesus on the cross when he paid the penalty for our sins and reconciled us to God. It was the ultimate sacrifice for which all of us should be grateful. These words were spoken when Jesus was bringing to completion God’s plan of salvation, made complete in the resurrection of Christ!

Guess what else is finished? The Save the Steeple capital campaign! The elders designated the campaign a success at the session meeting on Tuesday evening. The cost of the steeple project was $147,790 and to date, we have raised $148,460. The elders wish to convey their thanks to the congregation for their generosity and support for this project! Those who still wish to fulfill their remaining pledge are welcome to do so. The congregation is also encouraged to consider shifting support from the steeple to supplement their regular tithing.
Well done, everyone!!

Congregational Meeting
The session has called a congregational meeting for Sunday, October 11th, following worship. We know not everyone wants to attend in person, so this meeting will be held concurrently via Zoom (information is below). That means we will be holding an in-person/virtual congregational meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to hear and act upon recommendations from the nominating committee. The CNC will also be presenting the following question:

  • Shall the session transition over the next three years from twelve to nine members? The CNC will also place into nomination the following persons: For class of 2023, Elder – Beth Pugh, Kathy Donadio, Roger Snook; Deacon(4) – Anne Portrey, Hoyle Fulbright, Matthew Henshaw; Trustee(2) – Susan Wall, Allen Rogers; Class of 2021 CNC (3) – Jane Ishman, Stephanie Rossi, Henry Christie.

We will also take nominations from the floor. Because of COVID and the hybrid nature of our meeting, this gets tricky. If we have more nominees than slots available, we will need to do a paper ballot vote that will need to be sent to virtual participants and returned by mail. This will also require a vote by the congregation to allow this one-time method of voting at a congregational meeting. We are asking that if anyone plans to make nominations from the floor that they contact the church office and let us know so that we can appropriately plan for this contingency. All nominees must fulfill the requirements found in the Book of Order G-2.01. Of course, if there are no nominations from the floor we will be able to handle this with a simple voice vote.

CTPC Congregational Meeting: Oct 11, 2020 11:15 AM Eastern Time
Meeting ID: 939 0821 7387
Passcode: CTPC1

Pastor John